Basic Elements Continued


  • 3) Let’s get into what search engines are not looking for. I feel this is important to mention. How can you figure out what to do, if you don’t know what not to do? It’s always good to figure it out yourself. However, don’t rely solely on your own knowledge. A good SEO company will keep you safe from mistakes that many online business owners make. Ask Managed Admin for help with your SEO issues.

    The first thing sites and engines are not looking for is keyword stuffing. They do not want information being overloaded onto the pages. Keep it clean and clear. Secondly, do not get into the habit of buying links. Others have tried it before. These people have also gotten banned from online activities. Think of this as a warning of sorts.

    Buying links will get you into nothing but trouble. What do you know about your bounce rate? This is when users just give up and leave. If you have information on this, you can easily get information on which direction to take.

    Having too many ads will only cause issues. Too many ads is another thing that causes high bounce rates. Here’s an example to look at. If you have a bounce rate of 80% or higher, you are most likely doing something wrong. It’s up to you if you want to take the time to fix it. If you don’t take the time to fix it, after a while your site will be considered dormant.

  • 4) The next step is to know your business model, or at least have some sense of direction. Some like to sit back and focus on their main goals. This is okay, to a point. You should be focusing on other things too.

    Are you selling impressions? Are you selling clicks? What is your conversion rate? Do you know your net worth and liabilities? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Yes, you have to have goals. You also need to have a business mind to back it up. If your business bonnet is not on 24/7, than your site will end up going downhill.

  • Remember this, your goals can’t be the only thing that defines you.

  • 5) You also should think about social media. I have know people personally who don’t do the social media thing anymore, myself included. Social media is not all bad, sometimes it just gives us that impression.

    Your job is to find the good in social media and harness that energy. Put your brand on a few channels. Make sure the channels are relevant though. You need to be on the social media outlets that people use the most. Places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are perfect.

    Find the positive corners of these outlets and place yourself there, making sure you are visible to the general public. It’s the only way you will get noticed. Be sure your site is optimized to give feedback to people on these outlets. If someone has an interest, you need to be ready to reply. It’s the best way to stay on top with social media junkies.

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  • 6) Your domain names have to be consistent. Say you have a site. Do not have in the engines. Why? It’s going to register your brand as two different things. You don’t want this. This will cause your brand to be lower on the searches, if not totally vacant. It’s also a good idea to have your keywords in your URL. This will only come to serve you positively later on.

    You also need to go more old school. Choose one of the older domains that have been left behind. Just make sure the previous owner wasn’t into anything wrong or shady. This activity could have caused him or her to shut down. You never want to affiliate yourself with something like that.

  • 7) Part of your content needs to have a video that relays the same messages. A video is easier to rank higher than simple content. Take some time and think about this. When you optimize your content in a PDF format, be sure it will be visible. Read up on the practices before you do this though.
  • 8) Let’s talk about Meta description. The description is not necessary, but it will help. It has to be unique. It has to deal specifically with your content page. It also has to be clean and clear.
  • Your tags need to be between 4-8 words. Your words need to be good enough to entice the reader to want to know more. Choose carefully. If you need help, Google can help you out. This is one thing you don’t want to leave up to blind chance. If you do, than it won’t work.