Deal With SEO Properly


SEO can be a very complicated tool for anyone to use, especially if you haven’t been acquainted with it before. I am here to help make it a little easier. Allow me to explain a few basics to you readers. My hope is that these basics will make it less overwhelming for you.

  • 1) Let’s talk about the Golden Rule of SEO.Do not overdo it. Too many try to stuff tons of keywords into their content. I have even done in the past, when I first started out. This is not the goal. In fact, Google will give out a very stiff penalty of those who try to do this. I am only here to warn you about this.

    Here’s a trick. Just find 5 or 6 main keywords within your content. These words are the ones that can tell your story the best. Allow these words to be your guide and template. They can also be phrases. Just make sure that these are the best words or phrases for your story.

    Pick them and than optimize them. Since these words are at the forefront of your story, they need to the main focus. Now if you are having issues with this, put some ideas through the Google Adword Tool. The results will tell you if you are on the right track or not.

  • 2) Do you have Word Presson your domain already? This will be an extra gift from the heavens. Sometimes when you buy an old site/domain, it’s already in there. If you don’t have this luck, you should invest in it. Word Press is a lifesaver.

    It will come with plugins and others added features. If you sign up for the premium packaging with Word Press, your plugins and added features will have even more options. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Word Press helps out with so many things. It helps out from conception and editing to publication. It’s that good.

    The great thing about being on a Word Press page is there is no middle man. As soon as you are ready to publish something, than just hit the button. It’s out there automatically. How cool is that!

  • 3) Let’s talk a little bit about content as a way to end this page. Content is a fickle creature. Having too much content will break you. Having too little of it will also break you. What should you do?

    The best thing is to have a good balance of both. You want to have enough content so that your audience gets the message and is interested, but not enough to turn them off completely.

    A good balance is also an incentive for search engines to keep your around. In order to achieve these goals, you have to have really good content. The content has to be really great quality. Now this is what trips some people up.

Some automatically think their content is good, but the search engines speak otherwise. If you need some idea of where you stand, simple send a rough copy to of these optimization tools. They are out there.

A tool like this will read over it and bounce it back to you. The results will show you where you stand and what direction you need to take. This is a good exercise to do for those who are just beginning. Think of this as training. Each time you do the training, the coach will tell you how much more practice you need. This optimization tool will also tell you when you are ready to go out on your own.

Good content is like a good wine. It will get better over time. The more time you spend perfecting your brand, the better it will taste and sound.