Link Building


Today we will be talking about linking building. If you don’t already know, link building involves off-site optimization. If you are going to get involved with link building, which every SEO and site brand user should, than you need to know some of the basics.

1)ORGANIC LINKS This is the first of three that we will be talking about. These links you will not have to go out and seek. Those of us who are in the world of SEO consider these the best kind.

If you can get them from high-authority sites, sites that you already are building links with, than half your battle is won. These links will come to your naturally. They will also be the most effective when it comes to getting your brand out there.

    2)WHITE HAT These links are the other good kind. Now these will not be natural links, but they are good quality. These are the links you want to find when you scout on your own. These links will not get you into any trouble either. Think of the White Hat link building as the light side of the force.

    3)BLACK HAT Okay, now we come to the dark side of the force. This is the one that will get you into all kinds of trouble. This is the one where people buy their links. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try it. The road is paved with those who have tried before you. Google put a stop to it and suspended these people. Due to the suspension, these people are no longer promoting their brand.

This has all kinds of spam involved. This is considered low-quality too. It’s into your best interest to avoid this avenue if possible. If you need help finding out which links are involved with the black hat, ask Google for a list. It’s better if you know what you are getting into upfront.


Link building is considered by many to be an important part of the process. If you are skilled in what you are doing, than you should have no trouble finding good quality organic or white hat links. If you are a little less skilled in the subject matter, you might want to ask for some help.

It’s better to ask for help, instead of getting involved in the wrong things. Making one simple mistake with a black hat link category could end up costing you your brand and site. Please learn from the mistake of those who walked these streets before you.